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Pomegranate – the Ferrari among fruits

Pomegranate – the Ferrari among fruits

Too delicious to be left in the store or as a table decoration

Opening the pomegranate scares many. Hardly any fruit brings so rapid fruitiness and color in many dishes

The simplest method

There are a number of instructions on how best to process pomegranates. We have tried most of them and stick to by far the simplest method:

Place a cereal bowl in the kitchen sink. The reason for this is possible stains caused by the splashing fruit juice, which are relatively difficult to remove from clothing.

Cut the pomegranate with a slice in the middle.

Take each pomegranate half in one hand and squeeze over cereal bowl.

The shell collects the juice and seeds and sometimes small parts of the relatively hard separating shells. The latter can be easily removed with a small fork.


The maturity level

It takes a pomegranate that has the right degree of ripeness. The pomegranate is ideal when it is in the process of changing the soft skin into a hard one and it also already shows the first small dents.

Then the seeds can be easily detached and the balance of sweetness and acidity of the fruit is ideal.

After a few tries, you develop a good sense of the ripeness of the pomegranate. If it’s too much trouble after all, you can get the pomegranate seeds that have already been rinsed from many fruit vendors.

However, just the juice from the freshly opened fruit is delicious and in taste can not be replaced by any ready-made pomegranate juice.

You’ll need the juice for an excellent pomegranate drink that we learned about at the River Café in London.

Pomegranate Campari according to the River Café

  • Juice from 2 medium pomegranates
  • Juice of one blood orange (if this is not available, the drink tastes also with a normal juice orange)
  • 50 ml Campari
  • A slice of orange for the rim of the glass (optional)

The blend is perfect: a slight sweetness, some acidity and soothing bitterness. Try it if you like Campari and Italy (where pomegranates are called Melagrana). You will love this refreshing drink.

The healthy all-purpose fruit

Pomegranate seeds fit into muesli, provide fiber and vitamins, and add interesting variety to almost any salad.

For many vegetable fillings, for example, for quinces, eggplant or peppers, using minced lamb or beef, it is worth having pomegranate syrup at home, available in many fruit stores or delicatessens.

The pomegranate syrup adds an excellent fruity component to the braised meat, as well as to the onions and garlic that are often used for it.

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A treasure from Persia

The pomegranate originated in Persia and is described in the Bible and Homer’s Odyssey.

We can perfectly understand this literary prominence.

We often get the impression that the box of pomegranates in our local supermarket is ignored by the other shoppers.

Too bad, because with soft, attractive dark red skin pomegranate is perfect for table decoration, and as soon as it becomes hard and unsightly, the inside tastes best.

Photographs Styles © GloriousMe | Travelling in Israel © Octavia Perera

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