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The key to restful sleep

The key to restful sleep

These pillows are something to look forward to every night

There are many factors that are important for good sleep. If the cushion is not right, all the others will not help either

Hotel check out

In some hotels of this world we have slept particularly well. The pillows we found there were a real relief for the head and neck. The next day started relaxed.

When we asked about the supplier of the hotel pillows at check-out, we never received satisfactory information. All hotel staff always focused on making the check-out process quick and smooth. Our request for a reply by e-mail at a later date was probably also always forgotten.

Only in a small hotel in Luxembourg City, where the room was again equipped with fantastic pillows, a tiny clue on the so-called pillow menu revealed who the manufacturer was.

We’ll tell you:

In the middle of the Bavarian Forest

In the region of Lower Bavaria, in the Bavarian Forest, the Mühldorfer company has been producing pillows as well as underblankets and overlays since 1919.

The pillows contain the finest eider down and feathers, which are collected around nests, dried, cleaned and processed without any chemical additives.

Then they are washed again with clear mountain water and then used as pillow filling. The pillows themselves are surrounded with the finest 100% cotton mako batiste.

This is the short description of the pillows that since our order of Mühldorfer pillows also let us sleep wonderfully in our own home.

Which pillow shape suits you, you know best yourself.

We chose the Mühldorfer Premium Down Pillow and are thrilled with how relaxed we now wake up in the early morning.

In the luxury hotels of the world

Looking at the reference list of Mühldorfer’s hotel customers, the heart of every traveler who cannot resist Grand Hotels beats faster.

To quote just a few of the address that Mühldorfer supplies in over 100 countries:

Hotel Baur au Lac, Zurich

The Dolder Grand, Zurich

The Chedi, Andermatt

Ritz, Paris

Le Meurice, Paris

Royal Champagne, Paris

The Savoy Hotel, London

Claridges Hotel, London

The Dorchester Park, London

Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Old Town Hotel, Vienna

Hotel Imperial, Vienna

Armani Hotel, Milan

Hotel Hassler, Rome

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice

See Also

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

The Pensinsua, Tokyo

If at this point you start dreaming, we recommend you to contact our friends from ThePassionst, who, as the name suggests, with a lot of knowledge, contacts and empathy, will recommend you to exceptional hotels.

In almost every category

Since all hoteliers interested in regular guests know the great importance of a good night’s sleep for business travelers and vacationers alike, many hotels with fewer stars or no mention in the Michelin Guide are also among the customers of the quality company in the Bavarian Forest.

One of the most important reference customers was the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. A contact at a trade show in the United Arab Emirates tipped the scales in favor of equipping the then newly built 7-star hotel with Mühldorfer pillows. More stars is not possible.

Every night counts

The important topic of sleep and important issues in this context, such as the circadian rhythm, have interested us for many years. There are a number of important factors that are helpful for good sleep.

A pillow with a filling that is not ideal can easily ruin all other efforts. Because if you get up tense in the morning, you’ll start the day’s marathon with a big gap.

A pillow without chemicals and plastic parts makes a lot of sense. We all spend a lot of energy in many other areas of life trying to avoid both, whether in bread, wine, mineral water or cosmetics.

When it comes to good pillows, the choice is easy: in the Mühldorfer company’s online_shop you can order the pillows online and if you have any questions, the nice staff there will also be happy to help you on the phone.

Every morning that you wake up relaxed is a great asset to a good day. The investment in excellent pillows pays off the first night.

Photographs Travel © GloriousMe | Natural down © Zoonar GmbH, Alamy Stock Photo

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