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Sonja Hüls is characterized by a constant desire to get to know new things. The former dance teacher now works as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy with a focus on hypnosis. Currently also online. Anyone who meets her immediately understands why she named her company “active & relaxed”. In her lectures and her practice she knows how to create impulses in other people.


What is the best way for you to switch off?

Put the phone on silent and go for a run with my dog. Dancing and sauna clear my head and relax.

What was the last insight that changed your outlook on life?

Becoming aware again and again that I can trust that all is well.

What talent is lying dormant in you?

Good question… off the top of my head I thought of playing the piano. Fortunately, I am allowed to live out everything else.

What do you always need to be reminded of?

Being slower.

What made you happy this past week?

A long walk with my dog in bright sunshine

Which magazine means pure relaxation for you?

Emotion, Happiness.

Which three cosmetic products would you take with you to a desert island?

Only three? Preferably all sorts of things from Babor.

“I have been dancing since

the 5th life

year and today


simply in the middle


Which perfume do you like the most at the moment?

Hypnotic Poison.

What should never be missing in your refrigerator?

Milk for my coffee.

What food has impressed you most recently?

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Dinner at a Greek restaurant here in Bocholt – with incredibly delicious sauces and creative dishes.

What is your favorite sport?

Definitely dancing. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and it makes me feel alive. My family has been running a dance school for 40 years and I myself have also taught as a dance instructor for many years. Now I prefer to just dance in the middle of it.

What sport do you do most often?


What is the last piece of clothing you bought to indulge yourself?

A dark blue blouse that goes with everything. A good mix of elegant and relaxed.

You are allowed to choose where you want to live. Which place do you choose?

Norderney – I feel more than comfortable on this island.

What are your favorite websites?

None in particular yet.

What is your favorite app?

All sorts of magazine apps.


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