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The journalist and presenter is interested in the stories behind the stories. As a media trainer, she helps others discover their hidden talents and passions and use them to best effect in presentations or interviews. Public appointments are no longer fearful appointments, because thanks to Sabine Ziemke’s coaching (in these times also online) the coachees succeed in telling about themselves and their companies in a relaxed and exciting way.


What is the best way for you to switch off?

By singing. I love to sing for my life. Singing puts you in a good mood and reduces stress. That’s why I recommend it in any media training. After an hour of choir rehearsal, I’m totally relaxed and happy.

What was the last insight that changed your outlook on life?

The realization that I can’t and don’t have to please everyone.

What talent is lying dormant in you?

My acting talent. I used to play theater and experienced on stage what a great feeling it is when you can inspire the audience. Someday I’m going to be in a movie.

What do you always need to be reminded of?

Getting the paperwork ready for taxes.

What made you happy this past week?

Visiting a medieval market with my sons and husband – all dressed in sword and shield. Sitting by the fire with cherry beer and a meat skewer, I always realize what really counts in life: family.

Which magazine means pure relaxation for you?

Elle, Madame, Brigitte, Schöner Wohnen, Living at Home and others. I love magazines! There I can go mentally so beautifully on journeys.

Which three cosmetic products would you take with you to a desert island?

Suntan lotion, soap, toothpaste

Telling stories in front of an audience is a special task”

Which perfume do you like the most at the moment?

Versace Dylan Blue For Femme

What should never be missing in your refrigerator?

Semi-dry white wine and cheese

What food has impressed you most recently?

My mother’s Christmas menu: turkey with red cabbage and dumplings … so delicious!

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What is your favorite sport?


What sport do you do most often?

Does climbing stairs count?

What is the last piece of clothing you bought to indulge yourself?

A silk dress by Diane von Fürstenberg.

You are allowed to choose where you want to live. Which place do you choose?

A house in the countryside, on the edge of the forest with a view of the deer and trees.

What are your favorite websites?

For shopping:,,
For informing: , ,,

What is your favorite app?

Currently: Comica – an app with which I can alienate photos in comic style – super fun.


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