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The smart preparation for the pre-Christmas period

Are you worried about the many attacks on your weight during the Advent season? Everyone around you is already busy baking like crazy? Q would recommend a November cabbage week as your secret weapon. If you then follow the tips below, the year-end sprint will be carefree.

A crackling open fire, good company, delicious canapés or homemade cookies. One likes to enjoy the excellent red wine or the Perlage in the glass. There’s nothing wrong with enjoyment, after all you’re reading GloriousMe right now.

But in the weeks before Christmas, the beautiful moments accumulate and who wants to have the feeling that you look a lot like the snowman next to the ski slope with a few kilos too much.

November is a good time to throw in a green week of pointed cabbage and save a few more tips for the upcoming marathon of festivities and Christmas celebrations.

Why pointed cabbage? With its vitamins, minerals and other positive properties, pointed cabbage has all the criteria of a superfood. Pointed cabbage is a frontrunner when it comes to vitamin C, K and B6 levels. In addition, pointed cabbage also provides the body with high levels of magnesium, potassium and copper.

The pointed cabbage also provides the folic acid in green leafy vegetables, which is so important for the body and especially for the eyes, making it a nutritional heavyweight. The low calorie values ​​of pointed cabbage and the high proportion of dietary fibers help when you look at the scale display in the morning.


In addition to all its positive properties for the body, pointed cabbage has the great advantage that it can be processed very quickly – just the right thing to do something good for the body after a long day at work without having to spend long in the kitchen. Because time is particularly tight in the year-end sprint. It also retains its attractive light green color when properly prepared.

Steaming is the quickest way to prepare pointed cabbage: remove the outer leaves and core and cut the pointed cabbage into thin strips, about the width of a tagliatelle. Heat some vegetable or beef broth in a saucepan. As soon as the broth starts to simmer: add the pointed cabbage, some sea salt and pepper, set the temperature to the lowest level and put the lid on. After two to three minutes, the pointed cabbage is ready. This preparation is the best way to preserve the nutrients of the pointed cabbage.

If you want to increase the fun factor, briefly sear a tuna steak on both sides at the same time. Served on the pointed cabbage, you have an excellent meal in a maximum of ten minutes, which combines the top values ​​of the pointed cabbage with the protein and omega-3 fatty acids contained in the fish.


Scientists have a hard time with the lifestyle term detox. There is no evidence-based scientific study on detox.

But, countless scientific studies prove the value of a healthy diet: Due to its low calorie value and many positive properties for the immune and digestive systems, pointed cabbage is an ideal candidate to help the body to boost the body’s natural processes, to regenerate itself, to regenerate the cravings for sugar to reduce and thus let eyes and skin shine again. Exactly what we need to optimally prepare for the Advent season.


First thing in the morning:
Half a glass of lukewarm water with lemon.

For breakfast:
A cup of hot broth with pointed cabbage.
Use the coming weekend to cook up a large pot of broth.
You can find the recipe for bone broth here: BONE BROTH

During the day:
Rice (preferably pure)
Fish (steamed or grilled)
Vegetables (pointed cabbage or any other vegetable without cream) or
Salad (without blue cheese dressing, of course)

Snack Variant 1: Fruits (little)
Snack Variant 2: Nuts (unfortunately not much)

In the evening:
Then another cup of hot broth.


No or very little coffee
(instead of cortado and cappuccino, a strong espresso or ristretto should be enough this week – even if it’s difficult)

No alcohol

No sugar in the form of cakes, muesli, cookies…

Water, water, water – and/or if you find water boring too:
Fresh ginger infused with lemon and hot water, lemongrass tea or other various herbal teas.


1. Discipline as long as possible

Once the dams are broken, it becomes difficult. As soon as the body has received too much sugar in the form of biscuits, gingerbread or spiced wine, it demands more. Remember that at the end of the Advent season, which you have endured in a disciplined manner, you are among the

indulge in whipped cream, stilton and sake on Christmas Day.

2. Professional event management

The professional comes “eaten” to an Advent celebration. So you can smile and decline every offer of finger food and focus on using the celebration to talk to as many people as possible, refresh old contacts and make new ones. Your tie and jacket are safe from mustard or dripping sweet and sour sauce and your lipstick stays perfect until you say goodbye and of course for any photos that are usually taken at these events.

The small portions of finger food are high in calories and you quickly lose track of how much you have actually eaten.

3. Incognito

These days it’s not a problem to ask for a non-alcoholic drink. However, you often try to convince other guests to take a more relaxed view of everything at the end of the year.

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A hugely successful entrepreneur who has grown his family business into a global player and, at the tender age of 91, still effortlessly recites Schiller’s Glocke and other complex series of verses by heart, gave us this tip: Speak to the waiter right at the start of a celebratory dinner and discreetly ask him to serve you a glass of white grape juice whenever white wine is served. For red wine, switch to dark grape juice.

This allows you to raise your glass with each toast and focus the conversation on more interesting topics than answering the question of why you don’t drink alcohol at such a nice dinner. But beware, grape juice contains a lot of calories. But since it doesn’t taste quite as good as a Riesling or a Barolo, it’s not that difficult to drink a little of it.

4. Sport is a must

Because you stayed sober in the evening, it is (somewhat) easier for you to get up in the morning and exercise. Yes, admittedly, it is often difficult in these dark months. But take every opportunity, a rainy morning, a lunch break, an evening without an appointment and put on your running shoes, unroll the yoga mat or get on your bike.

Sport is particularly important right now so that we are not exhausted at the end of the year, but happy about what we have achieved at Christmas and the turn of the year.

5. Happiness in the form of cookies

You definitely have them in your circle of friends: dear people who stand in their kitchen for hours and produce real baking miracles. Enjoy these delicacies and give away the cookie bag unopened.

The older lady on the floor above you may only have a small circle of friends and is finding it difficult to bake herself. With a little gift, a cup of tea together and the cookies as a gift, you can spread happiness and consider yourself lucky to stick to your dress size in December.

Admittedly, gifts are not passed on – but here we believe that making another person happy is more important.

If the cookie plate is in front of you in a convivial atmosphere, you should only grab it once and at the very end. (You know the connection between sugar, insulin, etc., so we don’t need to explain it to you anymore.) Enjoy that one cookie with great care and pleasure and ask if they can pack a few cookies for you. So the hard-working master baker is happy and see in advance, you can give good luck as a gift the next day.


It will be much easier for you to follow these tips over the next few weeks if you treat yourself to a few cabbage days now. You will have a lot less cravings and cravings for sweets afterwards. At the same time you are trendy.

Slow Food included the pointed cabbage from the Fildern near Stuttgart in 2005 on the Slow Food Ark list of foods threatened with extinction. Round heads of cabbage are simply much easier to machine into sauerkraut. With a pointed cabbage week you can support the Slow Food motto “Eat what you want to save” and at the same time do something for your Bella Figura.

Fermenting vegetables has a long tradition in Asia. A Korean meal without kimchi is unthinkable. Western scientists are increasingly concerned with the health effects of fermented foods.

Hip California is starting to explore sauerkraut. Top chefs in Europe are fascinated by fermentation processes and if you look closely you will very often see pointed cabbage as a small, bright green accompaniment on many heavy plates. So before the last pointed cabbage disappears from your local fields, grab it and then look forward to it christmas party.

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