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The most important tips for disembarking refreshed and not stressed after a long-haul flight.

So you always arrive well

Usually a fascinating country or an exciting foreign metropolis awaits at the end of the flight. To ensure that you can enjoy both from the very first second, it’s worth taking note of the following expert tips from the flight professionals:


Several layers of air-permeable clothing that is by no means tight-fitting or even constricting represent the most important basic principle of clothing on board. Since the air vents on airplanes have limited individual control and you can expect icy drafts on the plane in any booking class, depending on the type of plane, a large, warm protective scarf or even a wool hat is recommended.

The shoes should be quick and easy to put on and take off. The term compression stockings makes you cringe. In the meantime, however, there are fashionable variants from good stocking manufacturers, which are indistinguishable from normal stockings. The investment pays off.

Being dressed casually elegant rather than too casual will help you make a good impression at customs and immigration afterwards and get through the formalities as quickly as possible.


All important medicines should be in your hand luggage as a first-aid kit. If you belong to a risk group such as smokers, pregnant women, people who are overweight, or have been taking hormones for a long time, you should talk to your family doctor about the possibility of taking medication that inhibits blood clotting and thus helps prevent thrombosis on long flights.

Food & Drink

The food on board is rarely really good. Even if it still sounds tempting on the menu; the preparation options on board are very limited except for the first class area. Since our sense of taste is greatly reduced at flying altitude. a lot of seasoning and fat is often added to the food on board. Nothing that really does your body any good during a strenuous flight.

Therefore, it is better to eat light healthy food while still on the ground before boarding the plane, or take your own food on board.

You should drink as much water as you can. Keep alcohol, on the other hand, to a minimum. The effect of alcohol is amplified many times over in the oxygen-deficient air and altitude. Of course, the glass of champagne and the glass of wine is fun and part of the anticipation of the destination. However, it should not be much more, so that you are fit at the destination.


Inflight offerings of movies, music and audiobooks are now very good on most airlines. Take advantage of the many hours in the air for the reading you have long wanted to read or listen to. Excellent headphones are not only a fashion statement on board, but an essential travel companion. This way you can enjoy the entertainment independently of the free but not very functional headphones on board and filter out the often very loud noises on board. Enjoyable entertainment or rest, instead of pure stress.

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Sitting for long periods in a small space is extremely strenuous for the body. Gymnastics while seated, especially to exercise the legs, feet, and shoulder and neck muscles (most in-flight magazines offer good suggestions for this) as well as standing up frequently will help and should be on your personal fitness program at least every hour.


Less is more. A good moisturizer for face and hands belongs in any case in the hand luggage. Contact lenses are not a good idea on board. Glasses plus sleep goggles represent a better choice. Reduce makeup on board to a good moisturizing face cream and a light foundation, as well as a moisturizing lipstick. The more extensive make-up is only announced shortly before landing.

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