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gloves in everyday life

In winter, almost everyone wears them when travelling on public transport and thus on countless escalators. Cooler and just as useful are gloves when the sun is shining.

For convertible enthusiasts and cyclists, they have long been part of the summer outfit, because on the steering wheel and handlebars the hands are mercilessly exposed to the sun and nothing reveals one’s true age more than the impression of the hands.

New York ladies have always worn light cotton gloves at the dreamy holiday resorts of this world, where the sun shines incessantly, in order to preserve their distinguished pallor in style for autumn in the city.

A ball gown is only perfect with gloves

For formal balls in the winter season, gloves are part of the dress code. The less fabric covering the shoulders, the longer the gloves should be.

Therefore, extra-long gloves made of silk, satin or a similar festive fabric are worn with a strapless ball gown. For all other ball gowns, the gloves should be elbow length. During the ball, etiquette dictates that gloves are only removed for the meal.

Gloves are an accessory that exudes individualism at any time of year, but require a little courage outside autumn and winter. Because you won’t usually be overlooked with them in this country. But who wants to get lost in the crowd.

Green or orange, instead of always black and brown

With an unusual colour or an extravagant design, every plain outfit immediately gets an interesting nuance. For years, glove shops had to close due to insufficient demand.

A small renaissance of gloves has led to new designs, so that you can stage very different appearances with gloves: elegant or edgy.

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With years of sun exposure relentlessly showing on your hands, you can still find good specialist glove shops in Spain, Italy and Portugal. If you’re planning a trip to Lisbon, stop by Luvaria Ulisses there. The small shop has been a wonderful place for anyone who loves gloves since it was founded in 1925.

Sunshine or rain.

In any season, taking care of your hands is important. With the highly concentrated serum SIEVER_S endure, you can give your hands a soothing massage from the fingertips to the wrist, while caring for and protecting the skin.

Since the serum is non-greasy, you can get right back to work afterwards. Filled in small, handy ampoules, it fits in every pocket and will soon go with you on your travels.

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