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A baseball cap is no substitute

A New York Yankees cap
is always to be found in our bag.
The baseball cap is meant for downpours
on the bike or with a suitcase in the left hand and a
in the left hand and a laptop bag in the right,
there’s no hand free for the umbrella.


When it’s pouring outside and everyone is hurrying through the rain-soaked streets more or less shielded, a baseball cap comes in handy to get through the rain.

It’s completely different in the sunshine. The eyes and the heart are wide open. The soul laughs, the mood is good and the spirit looks forward to every new impression. Protecting yourself from the sun’s rays in this case with a baseball cap would be far too bad.

A sun hat adds style and elegance to any outfit

The simplest outfit looks mysterious with a sun hat. The sun hat immediately gives its wearer a touch of adventure in faraway lands, a little extravagance and savoir-vivre.

It’s worth a try. You immediately look into beaming faces that sometimes even nod encouragingly at you and are happy about the unusual sight of a hat.

On the beach, at the pool, in a café or while sightseeing, you are usually served with an elegant straw hat with selected politeness and remain in the best of memories.

The classic Panama hat

In the classic Panama hat, for example, there is a lot of handwork. The white-beige hat is woven from the straw of the toquilla palm tree and it takes several weeks, even months, to finish a high-quality Panama hat by hand.

Therefore, much of the production is now done by machines. The origin of the Panama hat is not in Panama but in Ecuador. US President Theodore Roosevelt wore a Panama hat for the inauguration of the Panama Canal and the name stuck.

Some of the Panama hat blanks still come from Ecuador today and are then shaped into the desired form by hat makers and milliners in the respective country.

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How can you tell the quality of a Panama hat?

Look at the quality of the straw and the weave. In a Panama hat in the natural colour, the staple fibres are carefully selected and as a result have a very uniform light colour. The closer-meshed and finer the weave, the better – experts measure the number of knots per centimetre at the lower edge of the hat crown for this.

Another feature is the outer rim of the Panama hat brim. The original hat has a “loose” brim, which is much harder to make and more durable, compared to a brim that has a woven seam.

Have you found a beautiful Panama hat and find the classic black hat band too conventional? Any hat shop will change it for you with ease, for example to a charming dark green or mocha brown shade. Just as you like it.

Try it out and invest in a sun hat. Don’t be shy – it may be of selected quality, particularly large, especially elegant or particularly refined. You will certainly not regret this investment in an accessory that is also very useful.

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