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A perfume house
of the best perfume composers

Frederic Malle’s idea is captivating: give creative freedom to the best perfume composers and thus
very special fragrance compositions for
to receive its Editions de Parfums.

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As in any field of expertise, there are outstanding personalities in perfume composition who are spoken of with particular respect in the industry.

Many of them have many years of experience in the composition of fragrances and were behind the development of perfumes that are considered milestone pieces worldwide. Frederic Malle has enlisted some of these experts to create fragrances for his Editions de Parfums.

While in large cosmetics groups product decisions inevitably have to go through many instances and thus regularly stray from the original idea, Malle was able to put forward a very decisive argument to win over the best minds in the industry: The decision as to how a new fragrance is composed lies exclusively with the compositor and Frederic Malle himself. There is hardly an argument more tempting for a creative mind, in this case for a creative nose.

In this way, very individual fragrances such as Lipstick Rose, Portrait of a Lady, Iris Poudre or Carnal Flower have been created. Fragrances that have their own unique character and in this way express the vision of the perfume composer.

Their idiosyncratic character makes the fragrances interesting, and if one’s own desired image of a fragrance matches one of the visions of the perfume compositors, Frederic Malle’s perfumes quickly become a favorite fragrance against which other perfumes have a very hard time.

Here perfumes and their buyers are taken seriously

On his homepage, Frederic Malle offers a small, interesting questionnaire that helps to make a selection from the editions of his perfumes. One remembers that one has also been asked the one or other question in various perfume departments or specialty stores to describe which new fragrance one imagines. However, one often has the impression that the answers are of no interest to the respective salesperson and only disrupt the commission-oriented sales process.

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The fact that Frederic Malle takes fragrance lovers seriously is also shown by another detail. Many questions about perfume, such as “Where is the best place to apply it?”, “Why can’t I smell my favorite scent on myself anymore?”, “Splash bottle or spray?” or “What factors determine the price of a perfume?” are answered with great seriousness on his homepage.

For example, one learns that the prices of synthetic fragrances can be quite higher than the prices of natural essences and that Frederic Malle does not think the strict separation of natural essences and synthetic fragrances is a very good idea. His perfume compositors have the freedom to use both and do so very successfully.

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