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Mini spa at home

Try it ladies and gentlemen. Almost all the ingredients are certainly already in your kitchen.

Ice cubes as pick me up

Run 2 ice cubes over your forehead and massage your temples: You are wide awake again and act like it.

If it got later than planned in the evening, with gin & tonic, a quick reach into the freezer in the morning is ideal to not only wake up, but to be wide awake and fresh on the screen for the first video conference.

The Quick-Fix helps just as well after a long day, when there is still a nice program point in the evening to become dewy again.

The ice cube massage of the forehead and temples is best done with a large towel around the neck to easily catch the melted water.

Coffee powder for finer skin

Many frahling lovers swear by coffee brewed fresh in a porcelain filter. It pays not to dispose of all coffee grounds in the trash or compost.

The brewed coffee powder, mixed with a little coconut oil, gives a natural scrub for the skin. It works great, smells pleasant and leaves skin rosy.

For face and arms, mix 2-3 tablespoons of the brewed coffee powder with 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil. For a body scrub, adjust the amount accordingly.

Yes, cleaning the sink or shower afterwards takes a little longer compared to usual scrubbing products. For this, the coffee peeling rejoices the skin, whose small dead skin cells were removed, and nature.

Many conventional scrubbing or exfoliating products still use nano-plastic particles, which we all don’t want in the water cycle.

Salt treatment for well-groomed feet

In the home office, when there is no video conference, you can put your feet under the desk in a small tub with lukewarm water and salt from the Dead Sea. The salt from the Dead Sea is available in almost every drugstore.

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The high concentration of salts and minerals is good for the sensitive skin parts of the feet. Afterwards, dry your feet carefully, apply cream and put on your favorite warm socks. A benefit that requires hardly any time and that you should treat your feet to more often.

Oil rinse just do not swallow

Oil pulling is just one tiny component of the teachings of Ayurveda that works well on its own and requires only a simple trip to the kitchen. Pull a tablespoon of oil through the roof of your mouth vigorously over and over again for about 5 minutes and then spit it out.

In the early morning, the deposits of the night are thus removed from the mouth and throat area and both feel well cleaned and cared for afterwards.

Of course, you can philosophize about the type of oil. We use a nice olive oil that is always stocked in the kitchen and also tastes nice when washing up.

As always, you can count on GloriousMe to love all of these tips and have been using them ourselves for many years. We have omitted the reference to possible medical studies this time, because common sense alone speaks in favor of using coffee powder, for example, instead of throwing it away.

Of course, these little mini-treats are no substitute for a day of wellness, but they can be perfectly integrated into any daily routine. Just give it a try, we are convinced you will love and repeat these mini-treats.

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