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No Pain. No Gain?

Who doesn’t know it? Sore muscles. Every step on the stairs is a pain and you feel a pull as soon as you get up from the chair. Sometimes you even seem to feel every muscle when walking normally.

That’s a good sign if it stays that way and the pain subsides on the third day, or if you don’t feel any specific localised pain, or if there is no severe swelling that could be the result of a serious sports injury.

Doctors at the renowned Johns Hopkins University see a normal muscle ache as a positive sign. They do not mean a complete overstraining of the body through excessive training.

The muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones of the body are living structures that adapt to the appropriate load. Exercise, for example, builds up the necessary muscle or bone mass in certain parts of the body.

However, this takes time. If you overstrain muscles and tendons by moving them too quickly and too intensively, they react with “muscle soreness”.

The pain of sore muscles therefore shows that the body has been subjected to a strain to which it has not already become accustomed: No gain, no pain. Perhaps one has just trained with much more commitment than usual.

Fatigue after a training session is also a good sign, as long as it is combined with a certain euphoria. However, the reverse is not true – just because you don’t feel sore muscles doesn’t mean that the training session wasn’t effective.

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To the question of whether you should exercise with sore muscles, the medical experts at Johns Hopkins also have a simple answer: you can do anything that doesn’t hurt you. So if you feel severe muscle soreness in your thighs, just grab the dumbbells and put more weight on exercising your arm muscles.

Be happy that you have succeeded in activating otherwise rather untrained muscle, tendon, bone and cartilage parts. And treat your muscles to a soothing body oil after training. SIEVER_S intact was specially developed for use after strenuous exercise and help the body to regenerate.

Try it out and after a while you won’t want to miss the body oil, which contains the essential oils of orange, thyme and wintergreen. Therefore, in addition to the generous spa pack, a travel format is also available.

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