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A refined taste and the gift of discovering special wines from still unknown winemakers have always distinguished Patrizia Baum. After a successful career in the financial services industry, she opened Perlenquelle to introduce exceptional vintner champagne varieties and wines to lovers of culinary discoveries in the Taunus town of Kronberg.


What is the best way for you to switch off?


What was the last insight that changed your outlook on life?

The silent observation and conversations with my mother and my parents-in-law

What talent is lying dormant in you?


What do you always need to be reminded of?


What made you happy this past week?

The message from my husband that he wants to take a whole 5 days of vacation. I’m even looking forward to packing my suitcase.

Which magazine means pure relaxation for you?

The gourmet

Which three cosmetic products would you take with you to a desert island?

I don’t necessarily need anything like that.


work is my


Which perfume do you like the most at the moment?

Issey Miyake Femme – always and always.

What should never be missing in your refrigerator?

Yogurt, my homemade strawberry jam, lots of fresh fruit, my homemade wild garlic pesto and fresh horseradish, farm eggs

What food has impressed you most recently?

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Veal tip with chanterelle risotto on lemongrass mousse

What is your favorite sport?

Tennis and gardening (I think of it as exercise in our garden, since you have to bend in a “yoga-like” way).

What sport do you do most often?

Tennis and gardening

What is the last piece of clothing you bought to indulge yourself?

A dress made of soft shirt fabric, blue fine checkered… I am dressed but actually have nothing on.

You are allowed to choose where you want to live. Which place do you choose?

No matter and gladly everywhere, but only together with my husband.

What are your favorite websites?

I don’t have any favorite websites – except maybe my own.

What is your favorite app?



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