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Does your lunch break look frighteningly similar every day? The lunch break routine seems efficient and is familiar, but it doesn’t foster the all-important creativity and perseverance. A break from the daily routine helps recharge our storehouse of ideas so we can return to the workplace refreshed and energized.

In the home office, instead of meeting a colleague or friend for lunch, the temptation is even greater to take a quick look in the fridge at lunchtime, prepare something quickly, and then get back to the laptop.

Not only in March, one of the most auspicious months of the year. which Charles Dickens described in his novel Great Expectations as follows, it is worth going outside at noon:

“It was one of those March days

when the sun shines hot

and the wind blows cold:

When it is summer in the light,

and winter in the shade”

What keeps you from breaking the usual routine first thing tomorrow. At lunchtime, put on your running shoes and take off for a quick walk in the fresh air. If you are lucky, a park, riverbank or small green space is not far away.

Park instead of pizza

The brisk run in fresh air gets your heart pumping faster, so more blood and oxygen gets to your muscles, but also to all your other organs, such as your brain. The increased oxygenation of the brain, as well as the view of nature, stimulates creativity and helps to take a new perspective on the issues that lie ahead.

Whatever is on your to do list for the afternoon after that, it will come off much easier. Especially with the current news situation, it helps to take your eyes off the screen and onto a tree during your lunch break to recharge your batteries.

If the museums in your city are open again, a flying visit there, is a good idea. Even if it’s just a half hour of seeing parts of an exhibit – you can always come back on an evening for late night viewing or on the weekend with more time to delve into an interesting exhibit or share it with someone else. Your brain will thank you for this creative input with new, unusual ideas.

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Mozart instead of mozzarella

If you have the ability to flex the timing of your lunch break, one of the many rain showers need not deter you from going for a run. Because running is especially good for us in the
especially good in the rain – but it requires time for a warm shower afterwards. With heavy March rains and little time, perhaps retreating with headphones and classical music for fifteen minutes is a good idea. Instead of a mozzarella sandwich, a piano concerto by Mozart.

The recognized medical journal
describes the positive effects of music in medicine and the further studies that are being undertaken in this regard. Why not use the effects of music to reduce stress and stimulate the production of calcium and dopamine in the brain in everyday life?

If you’re worried that this means you won’t make the 10,000 steps you set out for the day and anxiously look at your
look, there’s always the evening for an evening run or a quick walk. Actually, it almost doesn’t matter what you do, it should just be as different as possible from the lecture. What is your plan for tomorrow’s lunch break?

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