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The best investment for all sunny days

Your face deserves special treatment with a special sunscreen. It is particularly sensitive compared to other parts of the body and is most often exposed to the sun

Allow us to remind you

This summer, due to the war against Ukraine, we are discussing ways to save gas and we are all trying to prepare as best we can for the cold times of the year.

But the sun is still shining from the sky and we would like to remind you that your face needs special protection.

On vacation, time management is usually in your own hands and you can ensure the greatest possible protection for your facial skin through smart time management, clothing and a stylish large sun hat. We report on this in detail in our article “Set your alarm clock for the sun”.

However, sometimes it is not possible to stay in the shade: Tee time on the attractive and busy golf course is only possible in the late morning, the sailing trip lasts the whole day or the outdoor sightseeing can only be done around lunchtime.

For all cases when your face is exposed to the strong sun, you should treat your face to a special sunscreen.

For athletes and all other health conscious people

This topic has been on our minds for years and we have tried a variety of sunscreens. What works well on the rest of the body is often not suitable for the face.

Every athlete knows the problem. Especially when you’re really in action, sneezing, straining and sweating, it’s enough for tiny components of the sunscreen previously applied to the face to get into the eyes: It burns and hurts like hell.

If you wear contact lenses on top of that, you can’t even rub your eyes and the most beautiful ski slope or the most attractive hiking trail is no longer a pleasure. Eyes burn and water, vision is diminished, and all you want is a dark room and ice-cold clear spring water to flush out your eyes.

The special sunscreen for the face

We have found a special sunscreen for the face that we are very happy with because it does not cause pain in the eyes.

It has passed this test excellently on many ski slopes and sailing boats under extreme sunlight, so we are happy to recommend it, especially since it has several other advantages: SUN HARMONY FACE PROTECT CREAM from the company Pharmos Natur.

This sunscreen, specially developed for the face, does not contain alcohol and citric acid. Both ingredients are often contained in cosmetic products and lead over time to the fact that the skin dries out more and more and the inclined consumer and the consumer are tempted to compensate for the dryness of the skin by buying even more and usually more expensive, because even richer care products.

Likewise, SUN HAMONY FACE PROTECT CREAM does not use parabens and phenoxyethanol as preservatives. Parabens are at least suspected of having an effect on the hormone balance in humans.

Many cosmetic products contain these substances to exert a certain disinfectant and thus preservative effect on the water abundant in many products.

Pharmos, headquartered in Bernried on Lake Starnberg, has focused since its founding on replacing (cheap) water in the production of skin care products with aloe vera or other plant substances.

This has its price – there are cheaper sunscreens on the market. However, anyone who has ever waited anxiously for a dermatological laboratory result will well understand that buying a good sunscreen is one of the most sensible investments for sunny days.

Add up the cost of a few gin & tonics on an attractive rooftop terrace and you quickly get the equivalent value.

Better to apply cream twice

SUN HARMONY FACE PROTECT CREAM is almost a little pasty in consistency. In his interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Christian Surber, professor emeritus of dermatopharmacology and former chief pharmacist at the University Hospital of Basel, advises always applying two layers of sunscreen, so that the second time, with a little luck, you can also apply the cream to the areas you didn’t cover the first time.

The slightly pasty presentation of SUN HARMONY FACE PROTECT CREAM makes it easier to identify these areas, as it takes a few seconds for the sunscreen to be fully absorbed by the facial skin.

Pasty, however, doesn’t mean you’re out with a whitewashed face. After a few seconds, the sunscreen is well absorbed into the face without leaving the typical white tint of many other sunscreens produced for extreme situations.

The sun protection factor SPF30 recommended by the aforementioned Basel pharmacist Surber, as well as the important label protected in Europe that the sunscreen reduces UVA radiation in its effect, is carried by this sunscreen, as well as a number of well-known organic certifications.

Off to the garden

A few minutes of sunlight transported directly through the skin into the body are important for the production of vitamin D and mental well-being.

The lighter the skin type and the more damaged it is from past sunburns, the fewer the number of minutes you can expose your skin to the sun without protection.

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We now use the special sunscreen not only during sports but also like to garden for the face, neck and décolleté, because UV radiation has increased in recent decades and is not to be underestimated even in the early morning hours and in the evening.

Well creamed, all summer days can be enjoyed more carefree.

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